Turmeric Love

Turmeric Love

Turmeric is quickly becoming one of my favorite ingredients to have in the kitchen. It is grown in the roots of a plant that comes from India. Turmeric has a multitude of benefits to offer, most notable are its anti-inflammatory properties and its being studied as an asset to help fight against several diseases. So far I use it most often in the following three ways, turmeric fried rice, turmeric infused tea and in a turmeric and chai almond latte.


-2 teaspoons of sesame oil

-Half finely chopped onion

-3 minced cloves of garlic

-2 heaping tablespoons of fresh graded turmeric root

-.5 cup chopped broccoli or frozen peas (or both if you like)

-1 cup shredded carrots

2-2.5 cups cooked white or brown rice

(I’ve also tried cauliflower rice, they are all great in this dish, Add shrimp or a pouched egg on top to make a meal of it.)


For the tea I use a turmeric/ginger tea bag and I add a small square of fresh turmeric root to the cup while it steeps.


When I stop at a coffee shop eight times out of ten I end up coming out with an almond chia latte. However, I often find that most places make them too sweet so I add a half teaspoon to a teaspoon of the turmeric powder to the cup and stir; this helps to mellow out the sweetness of my almond chia lattes. It’s kind of like a play on golden milk along with the flavors of a chia latte. I have seen that some shops offer a turmeric latte, although I have never officially had one I’m sure they are delicious.


Smoothie Love

Smoothie Love

I make the same two portion smoothie every other day, one to have immediately and the other to save for the next morning. I don’t measure anything and there’s nothing too fancy about it. I just throw everything into a slender jar and mix it up with my immersion blender. It’s so much easier than getting my giant blender out. If it seems too thick I thin it out with a splash of coconut water or almond milk. I do mix up the fruit from time to time depending on what is in my fridge but banana, strawberries and blueberries are staple fruits I usually have on hand. Avocado is a must, it really changes the texture of a smoothie. Whatever bag of greens I’ve got go in by the handfuls. Sometimes it ends up more green, sometimes more purple but I don’t worry about it, it’s all going down the hatch. Word of advice, don’t add the chia seed until you are ready to drink the smoothie because it tends to make the mixture clump together.  Other than that it’s pretty simple. I’m not too crazy about my diet but I do attempt to focus on eating whole foods and this smoothie makes me feel good. If I do end up eating something terrible later in the day then knowing I had this for breakfast makes me feel like somehow I’ve countered that naughty choice.


Signing Out With Love,


Grown Folks PB&J: A Twist on a Classic

Grown Folks PB&J: A Twist on a Classic

Okay I know I said Cabo San Lucas, Mexico would be the next topic on my posting agenda, and it will be, but first I have to tell you about the weather. IT’S BEEN RAINING IN LOS ANGELES. I used to have rainy days all the time while I lived in Oregon and now it’s so rare, that it gets me all excited when the sky is dark and angry. Days like this have become special to me, it warms my heart and I just have to do something to commemorate it. Like make hot chocolate or put on rubber boots and take a walk while all the true Angelenos hide in their homes and wait for the sun to come out again. I like to drink hot tea, or read a book, but my new favorite thing to do is make this delicious sandwich.

4up PBJ

I used to just toast the bread on my peanut butter and jam sandwich and I thought I was really doing something fancy. Then one day I decided to grill the bread with butter in a pan almost like a grilled cheese, then I’d add the peanut butter and jam and I was so impressed with myself. So good, the bread is warm, golden and crunchy then you add the peanut butter and it melts; it’s magical. Lately I have been taking it a few steps further, by grilling the bread in a compound butter consisting of rosemary and thyme. Then I add fresh blueberries that are warmed in the microwave for thirty seconds to the jam side and I add chopped cashews over the peanut butter side. Sometimes while it’s still warming in the skillet I drizzle a little bit of honey over the top. It’s so yummy and comforting and I can’t get enough of this sandwich especially on a rainy day in LA.

Try it out for yourself, tell me what you think.

Signing Out With Love,