Portland Bound Part II: Road Trip to the Oregon Coast


FLASHBACK…to my 3/11 post Portland Bound. I promised a sequel and here it is. Recall my last reflections in the city…

That’s what this trip made me realized, that I don’t have to do anything too fancy and I can just be with people I love and do simple things and be satisfied. Like playing games after dinner or teasing my mom about how I feel she has replaced me with her new furry baby. Her Yorkie, Dallas, Dallas after the Dallas Cowboys of course. Talking with my auntie and brother or cleaning my mom’s kitchen after she makes me my favorite, fried pork chops and green beans. This trip was a major success but I couldn’t quite fit everything I wanted to do in. The Oregon coast is my second favorite place to go to the beach (my first is St. John, USVI) because you can walk forever in rubber boots a sweater and shorts and you’ll probably never see another person, no bikini necessary on this beach. It is so peaceful and I have to go back. So there will be a part two to this post but it won’t come until later this year. So keep coming back to my website, pretty please with a cherry on top. Subscribe, leave a comment or ask a question. I would love to hear about your Oregon experiences as well.

Remember that?



FLASH FORWARD…so I’m back flying into Portland to celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday. She has decided to host us all in an Airbnb right on the beach in Walport, Oregon for four days. Major Costco runs, crab dinners, long walks on the beach and endless card games are sure to take place. We arrived after a near three hour drive from Portland and I am pleasantly surprised at how good I am getting at picking great Airbnbs. The house is right on the beach, its beautiful and large enough to accommodate seven adults. Once everyone was settled and seemed to be please with their rooms our getaway commenced. We spent days exploring the small shops in nearby Newport Beach, we even stumbled upon a farmers market. We tested clam chowder from several restaurants, we fished, and shopped. The weather was so good to us. It was cool and the sun made occasional appearances between clouds. We took long morning and afternoon walks on the beach. We got to get really close to a group of seals relaxing on the shore not too far from our house. At night we had large family style dinners. We stayed up late, talked, drank wine, and played games. We had a blast! It was peaceful and relaxing, and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip to the Oregon Coast.





Until next time.

Signing Out With Love,


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