A New York State of Mind

TS 1

I have only been to New York one time, but this city blew me away. We stayed at the Marriott Marquis so everything seemed to be at our finger tips. I highly recommend this hotel for its proximity to the action. So much to tell, our trip began with a moment in the Lincoln Tunnel where all the cars were honking even though there was nowhere to go. After living in L.A. for so many years I never find traffic amusing but somehow I found myself laughing in this situation. I got chills in time square, the lights, the people and the rush took my breath away. We grabbed bagels one morning and walked to Central Park. In the park we caught a baseball game and climbed a huge rock with amazing views of skyscrapers bursting out over the trees. We took our time, we had conversation and we people watched. We walked everywhere, including to the Museum of Modern Art in the rain and we spent half a day in there exploring. We had fried plantains at a Cuban restaurant and Ruben sandwiches at Junior’s. We also went to the biggest Macy’s I have ever seen and we literally got lost inside. We got so hungry trying to find our way out that we ended up having lunch in Macy’s.

One night we took the subway to Harlem to see amateur night at the Apollo Theater. I can remember watching that show on television when I was a kid and then to sit in the theater were so many important artists got their chance at fame was surreal. We ate soul food in Spanish Harlem at this seductive little spot. I’m kicking myself because I don’t recall the name, but there was dancing and guitar and a low and constant chatter that serenaded us. Not like how loud restaurants can sometime get these days, it most definitely had a vibe. Harlem was so intoxicating to me; it brought to life all the things I have read about it. From recalling Malcom X’s Autobiography to James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on The Mountain, to stories at the Cotton Club, I could go on but I’ll stop before this gets to be a whole other subject. Needless to say, I was really glad to get to see it all first hand.


Let’s see what else; we bought flowers in Greenwich Village and saw the Wall Street Charging Bull which poses one of the most important questions in life… Do you take the bull by the horns or the balls? I’m still not quite sure. We saw Ground Zero, SoHo or South of Houston Street, Tribeca or Triangle Below Canal Street, and Smith&Wollenksky a famous steakhouse, the Flatiron Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Ferry that takes you to Long Island and the Statue of Liberty in the distance. We were there for four glorious days and I was so pleased that we could pack all this stuff in. This city made me feel care free and reckless; I had no worries for four unforgettable days wondering around this urban island on foot in whatever direction our interest seemed to point. I think it’s good to try to do a lot if it’s your first time somewhere, then when you do go back you have a foundation and you can try to narrow down your focus a bit.

Radio City 1

New York knocked my socks off and I cannot wait to return. Until next time, I want to thank you for reading this post and invite you to come back and visit my site pretty please with a cherry on top. Click the follow button on the screen and you will be updated every time I have something fun for you to read or look at.

Signing Out With Love,


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