Smoothie Love

I make the same two portion smoothie every other day, one to have immediately and the other to save for the next morning. I don’t measure anything and there’s nothing too fancy about it. I just throw everything into a slender jar and mix it up with my immersion blender. It’s so much easier than getting my giant blender out. If it seems too thick I thin it out with a splash of coconut water or almond milk. I do mix up the fruit from time to time depending on what is in my fridge but banana, strawberries and blueberries are staple fruits I usually have on hand. Avocado is a must, it really changes the texture of a smoothie. Whatever bag of greens I’ve got go in by the handfuls. Sometimes it ends up more green, sometimes more purple but I don’t worry about it, it’s all going down the hatch. Word of advice, don’t add the chia seed until you are ready to drink the smoothie because it tends to make the mixture clump together.  Other than that it’s pretty simple. I’m not too crazy about my diet but I do attempt to focus on eating whole foods and this smoothie makes me feel good. If I do end up eating something terrible later in the day then knowing I had this for breakfast makes me feel like somehow I’ve countered that naughty choice.


Signing Out With Love,


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