Wedding Dress Concoction

My husband and I decided we didn’t want to spend a fortune on our wedding day; we both took an extremely practical outlook on the event. Partly because we had to, and partly because when we recognized how much effort planning a day like that involved we both said “no thank you”. All we really needed was our family and an officiant so we were happy to make an appointment at the courthouse. Even though I wasn’t making a fuss about the venue, the flowers and cake I knew I wanted to wear something special on that day. Not something expensive, just something that felt like my style, something I would look back on and love thirty years down the road.

My wedding dress has a unique origin to say the least. I had a good idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I knew I didn’t want anything too fancy because I was going to the courthouse not a palace. I did a ton of searching on the internet and in stores for my dress and I became rather frustrated and sad that I would never find what I was looking for. Out of desperation I realized I would need to get creative, really creative. I also realized I’d need help from a seamstress and when I accepted that things began to come together. I was hesitant and worried that this wouldn’t work out, but I was so wrong. Let me tell you exactly what happened.

There were a few things I was sure of. I liked lace and I wanted some sort of sleeve to my dress. I also knew I didn’t want to wear pure white. I favored an ivory tone for my dress. The first piece of my dress that I found was an ivory chiffon skirt from American Apparel. The skirt was around fifty dollars but it was sheer and I didn’t want to give everyone a show at my ceremony so I needed to find a cream slip that would offer me the coverage I needed at the bottom of my dress. Which was easy, I went to Macy’s and found a slip, no problem. Another concern with the skirt was that it was too long. I wanted my dress to cut off mid-calf and this skirt fell down to my ankles. The last issue with the skirt was that it had an elastic waist band that I thought would make the dress look cheap or just not formal enough, it was my wedding after all. The next piece of my dress I found was a cream lace top from Victoria’s Secrets, it was like thirty to forty dollars. This was when they were still selling clothing on their website. The top had a boat neck line, not quite off the shoulders but a significant scoop and short sleeves. The top was sheer too but I found a cream V-neck tank top at Forever 21 for a few dollars and wore it underneath, it covered me well. Now here is where my tailor came into play. I took the skirt to the tailor and asked her to hem it. Then I asked her to make me a belt with the excess fabric that would cover the elastic waist band that I didn’t like. I needed something to make the two pieces come together. She was so nice to me, she understood me. I was and still am so grateful for her help. She measured my waist and we talked about what I wanted the new waist band to look like. This lady made all my dreams come true. I know she does this everyday but it meant a lot to me and I cannot even thank her enough.

The Waist Band Combo

So I left my skirt in her good and capable hands and was off to my next mission which was to find the perfect shoes. I looked online, basically for a cream colored pair of heels. I found a ton of options and I was almost ready to pull the trigger on this cute pair of cream leather sling backs with a peep toe. I had them waiting in my cart online but I still was not all the way sure. Then I was in the mall one day, I walked past a Payless and I was thinking what the hell I’ll just go in and see what they’ve got, what do I have to loose. I ended up finding the perfect shoes, they were cream colored satin shoes with a round toe and a modest heel and the satin fabric overlapped on itself which gave the shoe an interesting texture. I couldn’t believe it, I loved them. The satin added a classic vintage flare to my dress that I wouldn’t have got from a new leather shoe. When I returned to the tailor to pick up my skirt I was so pleasantly surprised, she did everything we discussed to perfection and I was so happy. This all came together like a week before we got married so I was stressing just a little bit.

Dress& Shoes Combo

I just want to say that if you can’t find your perfect dress, you may need to alter your expectations, have a little flexibility of the mind. I spent a couple of months thinking I was going to walk into a store and exactly what I had envisioned was going to be hanging on a rack in my price range. I found out that if you are working within a budget the odds of that happening are slim to none. I also feel happy that no one else has my wedding dress; it is couture by kapfanny. I can’t image how people put these huge weddings together, I only had to stress over my outfit, what if I had to think about all the other elements of a wedding day. I mean I can see how a big wedding would be fun and glamorous but that’s a lot of work for one day. Needless to say, I was glad we made the decision to keep things simple. My dress probably came out to be about one hundred and fifty dollars with alterations included. I was so thrilled to get ready that morning and I loved putting on my wedding dress. Even though it’s not technically a dress no one else seemed to notice that and I just keep the details to myself when someone commented on my ensemble. It’s still something I look back on seven years later, and think, my dress was everything!


For my next post I will feature one of my favorite places to go in Los Angeles, California. Hints: it’s located on Mount Hollywood, it opened in 1935 and Wolfgang Puck is in charge of the food. So come on back to my website pretty please with a cherry on top, there is plenty more where this came from.

Signing Out With Love,



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