A Museum Of Ice Cream Review


A bit of insight on the MOIC…

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Why did it take so long for someone to dedicate an entire museum to this delicious frozen treat? Long overdue, right? The Museum of Ice Cream first opened in Manhattan in 2016, and then it came to Los Angeles and San Francisco now their latest opening is in Miami. I went to the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles last summer with my husband and we had so much fun. I had no idea it even existed until I was scrolling through Beyoncé’s photos on her website and saw her visit there on Mother’s Day. That in combination with the fact that my husband is an ice cream fanatic it made it an obvious decision. The MOIC would become a memorable addition to the events in our summer schedule. I will warn you, it was difficult to get tickets. Becoming an email subscriber is a must if you want to know the times tickets go on sale in your city. You certainly need to be at your computer on time, credit card in hand and ready to pull the trigger to get these tickets. Luckily the price of the tickets was decent, unlike most popular destination in Los Angeles. We had to pick a date that was two months out because there was so much demand for reservations. Although I will say that it ended up being well worth the wait.

Steph on Phone ICM

ICM Collage

When we arrived the museum’s representatives were outside dressed in their core colors, pink and white, waiting for our group’s arrival. A Willy Wonka type vibe was definitely in the air. It was like we all had our golden tickets and we were fortunate enough to be authorized to explore the tasty exhibition for one day only. Without a doubt this would prove to be an arduous examination, a systematic study of the structure and effects of the cream we all covet. Of course, conclusions could only be achieved through extensive observation and experimentation. We started off with a few standard rules and regulations, the most important being that we were not permitted to touch the hanging bananas. Seemed reasonable, there were plenty of other things we could touch like the pink retro telephones, the giant gummy bears and an old school claw crane arcade game among other things.

Swings At ICMWe went from room to room exploring. We took our time and looked at everything and there were three or four rooms that had representatives handing out snacks for us along the way. There were a few highlights for us, first the swings, they made great photo opportunities and the people around us were nice enough to take some photo for us. Second, the giant pool filled with sprinkles was amazing to see and swim in. This was the only room that had a strict time limit on it, and I can see why, I didn’t want to get out. We had sprinkles everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. I was finding sprinkles around my house for weeks after. You think you got them all but they hide in your pants cuffs and your pockets, among other places.  Third, the room with a garden of fresh mint alongside the mint chocolate chip ice cream enveloped in mint mochi they handed out was by far my favorite treat they offered us.

SprinklesOverall I would recommend you take the time to go to the Museum of Ice Cream. Take a good camera or make sure you have a lot of space freed up on your phone before you go. I think I took around two hundred and fifty photos in the forty to fifty minutes we were there. It’s fun for kids and adults because it is interactive and there is something interesting to look at or touch every time you turn a corner.


Next topic up on my posting agenda will be a discussion of my wedding dress and some thoughts for you to consider when you go to find the dress you want to say “I do” in. So keep coming back to my website, pretty please with a cherry on top. Follow me, leave a comment or ask a question. I would love to hear about your experiences at the Museum of Ice Cream as well.

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